About Us

The Action Cures Experiment has been created by Alex, Mark and Paul.

We’ve all experienced issues with our mental health in different ways. We aren’t experts in mental health, but we’re attempting to become master of our own minds.

Action Cures is our mantra to fight depression, anxiety and the stresses that so many of us feel every day.

We believe that you can crowd out negative or anxious thoughts by finding actions which bring you happiness and joy.

The Action Cures Experiment is our way of proving it.

Over 30 days you will record your mood at the beginning of each day, the actions you plan to take and how they make you feel.

You’ll learn what works for you and get a gentle nudge along the way.

About Alex

Alex works as a data analyst and wondered if we could use data capture to help encourage healthy behaviour changes in others.  A huge advocate of the Action Cures mantra - do something, do anything. The hardest step is always the first.

About Mark

Mark has been writing since the summer of 2018 about how Action Cures are helping him manage anxiety and depression. He lives in North London with his wife and two children. You can read Mark’s blog here.

About Paul

Paul has a strong belief that technology can be used for good. In his day job, he likes to work on projects that have a positive influence. He believes that by taking action on a daily basis, people can help improve their mental health.