Frequently Asked Questions

Action Cures is the mantra that our founder, Mark, uses to remind him that the only way to fight depression is action. In the summer of 2018 Mark started writing about his struggle with anxiety and depression and the actions he takes to try and overcome them,

You can read more over on Mark’s blog here.

Correct. The sad truth that so many of us experience with our mental health is that it’s so easy to get side swiped by a low mood or anxiety attack when you’re least expecting it.

But the thing is, doing nothing will never help. Doing something will. Whether it’s taking a cold shower, running, meditating, yoga or crochet, we believe that if you fill your life with positive actions you can crowd out the negativity.

The Action Cures Experiment is our first attempt to create a useful tool for people wanting to fill their life with the Action Cures.

It’s an experiment because it might not work. It’s an experiment because we hope that everyone participating will learn something useful about themselves.
We can’t make any promises that it will help you, but without trying, we won’t find out.

The Action Cures Experiment has been created by Alex, Mark and Paul.

We’ve all experienced issues with our mental health in different ways. We aren’t experts in mental health, but we’re attempting to become master of our own minds.

The Action Cures Experiment is our way of trying to do this whilst helping other folks along the way.

The Action Cures Experiment is for anyone with an interest in how to manage and understand your own mood better.

We all have highs and lows in life. We like to think about mental fitness. In the same way you might use a running tracker, we hope that Action Cures can be the tracker that motivates you to do more for your own mental health - regardless of your starting place

As the experiment progresses we hope to analyse all the data that is collected to understand what Action Cures are the most popular, what’s working and what isn’t.

We respect your right to data privacy. If at any point you want us to remove your records, just email us.

That’s fine. Just drop us an email and we’ll remove your records.

Important Note

As we mentioned above, this is an experiment and we aren’t experts.

If you’re suffering from severe mental health problems, the talk to one or more of these amazing organisations to get proper help:


0300 123 3393


116 123 (UK) or 
116 123 (ROI)

Campaign Against Living Miserably

0800 58 58 58