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17th January 2019

If you’ve read these articles before you’ll know that I’m filling my life with Action Cures (parenting, working, running, making, writing). You’ll also know I’m doing it to crowd out the negative or anxious stuff that often muscles it’s way into my head given half a chance.

And, amazingly, a few folk have read what I’ve written and have kindly taken the time to tell me that it resonates with them.

I hoped that would happen.

I really like the idea of a bunch of people being into Action Cures. A bunch of folk who know that, as Yvon Chouinard said, “the cure for depression is action”. It’s like a free, easy to join, supportive club.

Since I started writing about Action Cures I’ve really wanted to print it on a badge, a t-shirt, or a sticker.

Badges are important. If you wear a one it tells the world that you believe something — an ideal, a band, a party.

An Action Cures badge would show that you know the only way to get out of a fix of any kind is to do something. Very rarely is doing nothing an answer.

The badge would be a reminder, a symbol of action, and when more than one person wears one, it becomes a support group, a talking point or membership of something super positive.

Increasingly I feel more capable and, frankly, less ashamed to let the world know that I’ve been tussling with anxiety and depression.

Why? Well, apart from the fact it shouldn’t matter, it’s because I’m doing something about it.

And I think I’m ready to wear an Action Cures badge.

What about you?

Will you wear one?

If you would, please let me know. I’ll get some made, and I’ll pop one in the post to you. Just drop me a note here: (Please don’t hold back, I’m totally serious!)

And then they’ll be a few of us. Spinning a support web of love.

(If you are a designer reading this article, and take offence at my badge designs, then please don’t hold back from redesigning them!)