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17th January 2019

Action Cures is the mantra I use to keep me thinking positively, keep me active, to keep me moving forwards.

By filling my life with Action Cures I believe I can crowd out the negative thoughts that, at times, can lead my mind to places I can’t bear to be in.

It isn’t easy, and I wouldn’t say I’ve cracked it, but the more I do, the more I learn about myself.

From day one of writing about my Action Cures, folks have emailed or dm’ed me to say they totally get what it’s all about. Like me, they’re sick of the crushing debilitation that anxiety brings or the utter gloom of depression.

A handful of us began sharing our own experiences.

We found that we all need reminders to keep doing our Action Cures — the negative stuff has a canny way of finding its way into your head when you least expect it.

And what if we could apply a bit of data science to help people figure out what works best for them? That keeps reminding us keep on, well, keeping on?

To answer this we came up with an idea.

The Action Cures Experiment.

Our plan is to create a super simple tool that keeps reminding you of your Action Cures and also helps you figure out which are having the biggest positive impact on your mood and your life.

We want to test these hypotheses:

1. By encouraging daily Action Cures you will feel better.

2. By measuring how you feel before and after your Action Cures, we can help find what works for you.

3. We can make helpful recommendations to help you even more, based on the Actions Cures other people find useful.

To launch the experiment we need help. We need to volunteers. People who will participate. People who will tell their friends. People who will simply tell us what they think.

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, sign up at

Thank you!