What is the Action Cures Experiment?

17th January 2019

In the last week, 59 people have signed up to be guinea pigs for the Action Cures Experiment.

And 20 of them have also taken the time to email me and share what their Action Cures are.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect so many people to respond. I’m quite overwhelmed.

It does reassure me that I might be on to something with Action Cures though.

We’re all dealing with stuff — whether it be overcoming anxiety, depression, illness or a desire to do more with our time and our lives.

And that means we all need a bit of help along the way.

So, how is the Action Cures Experiment going to do that?

This is something I’ve been working on with two other chaps — Alex and Paul.

Essentially, it’s going to be a cross between a habit calendar, a mood tracker and your own personal motivational coach.

[Note: I’ve heard great things about all of the above. You can even buy the Habit Calendar on the left from the awesome people at the Do Lectures here ]
First, it’s going to capture your mood. Then it will prompt you to take an action. And finally ask you how you feel once you’ve done it.

It’s going to be visual — so not only do you feel the immediate impact of your actions, you’ll see the difference they make over time.

By measuring your change in mood, and by prompting you to take actions, we’re hoping there will be several of positive outcomes:

1. You’ll be getting into the habit of doing more and new actions.

2. You’ll be seeing the immediate impact of those actions on your mood.

3. You’ll see an improvement in general mood over time.

4. You’ll learn which actions, or variety of actions, work for you.

We’re going to do it all digitally — which means we can analyse aggregated data, make comparisons and identify the actions having the greatest impact on everyone. We can then (hopefully!) make helpful recommendations.

I described it to a friend the other day and he said it sounds like the Spotify of mental fitness. Which kind of sums it up… although in the early days it won’t be quite so clever!

We still need volunteers. The more people that participate, the more meaningful we can make it.

There is still time. We hope to be live in the New Year. This could be a perfect way to monitor and manage your New Year’s Resolutions.

So, please go sign up today!